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To Become a part of national growth and prosperity by increasing per capita consumption of electricity, by creating a better network of Transmission Lines, Erection, operation & Maintenance Work, and Testing work Up to 765KV the best Quality consumer goods to achieve consumer satisfaction & Betterment of Mankind on the planet Earth.

A Value Based Organisation

As one of India’s leading Power transformers and EHV Class Equipment Erection, Testing & Commissioning of substation and O&M work for substation As Well As Solar. One that is held in high esteem even by our competitors, a great deal of relevance is attached to living up to our image as a value-based organization. We are an ethically responsible company, operate with transparency, validate commitment and sincerity, both vertically and horizontally across the organization and inculcate a spirit of integrity. We also try and extend these values to our business associates, be it vendors or our valued customers.

1) Loading, Unloading, and Erection of EHV equipment up to 765KV.
2) Operation and Maintenance work of Transmission sub-station up to 765KV
3) Erection, Testing commissioning of sub-station for any Project of the electrical side right from acquisition of land, way leave problems solution, Permission from our departments up to the commissioning stage.
4) Testing wing for any sub-station testing work of EHV class equipment, Power Transformer and Protection system. Which cover yearly and Half-yearly testing.
5) Recruitment of staff for any projects as per their requirement.
6) Third-party Inspection for EHV class equipment & Power Transformer at factory and site.

Our Strength

  • Dedicated technically Trained & Experienced ENGINEERS
  • Latest Testing & Diagnostic Instruments for Transformers, Circuit Breaker, Instrument Transformers, Relays, Isolators, Lightening Arrestors etc
  • Commissioned and tested More than 3000 Transformers & Reactors rating of 765 KV, 400KV, 220 KV and 66 KV Class.
  • Commissioned and tested more than 6000 Circuit Breakers of 765 KV, 400 KV, 220 and 66 KV Class.
  • More than 15 years of Experience in the field of Testing, Commissioning, Diagnostic & Condition Monitoring of Substations, Power Equipment, HV, MV Cables, System Studies and GAP Analysis
  • Offices Located Centrally for the better, efficient and Timely services, Offices in Palanpur and Surat.

We Believe

We better understand critical situation of plant due to breakdown and hence our specialized services are available though out 24 x 7 and 365 days to cater any kind of Emergency situation

Quality Service With Integrity

Quality is never an accident;
it is always the result of intelligent effort.